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Caregiving Youth Project Newsletter The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate, and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun, and make new friends, while promoting academic and personal growth.
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Rodney, Atlantic HS
Patrice Schroeder, 211 facilitated a college scholarship on behalf of Gloria Jacobs, Senior Home Companions, for Rodney who cares for his grandfather.
The mission of this auxilliary of Boca Raton's Promise is to identify, prioritize and take action to promote and support education, early identification and access to mental health services.

Mental health matters and talking invites understanding. Please visit our partners site to see how you can "break the silence" for mental health.

"The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney

Palm Beach County has services that might be of assistance to your family.
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Gerry Fallon
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Issue: #104 December 2016  
Dear Reader,
Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President 
Isn't it we wind down December, it is common to wish others a "Happy New Year."  Yet, the feeling of being happy is not something that we can actually give to another person; it has to come from within.  So, my wish for you as you begin 2017, is that you will know how special you are as a caregiver, and that you will find strength, comfort, and joy deep within yourself, as you continue your journey toward academic and personal success!
We hope all of our students are enjoying their Holiday Break and de-stressing before Winter Diagnostics begin. Please remember CYP can provide tutoring services to those students who need additional help. Our Lunch and Learn topic for January is Alzheimer's Disease. Stop by our table in the lunch room to see your Family Specialist.
Let's make 2017 a year to learn as much as you can about your caregiving situations; so that we can limit the stresses of your worries. We have many exciting events planned for the new year: stay tuned for more information.  
1. CYP Family Specialists are continuing groups in all of our High Schools. Please contact your Family Specialist to find out when your next group meeting is.  
2. Don't forget to submit all college and scholarship applications by their deadlines!!! Ask your Family Specialist for assistance if needed.
The Holidays can be such an exciting time as well as such a stressful time! Expectations may or may not be met. We may visit with family and friends who we don't usually see in our everyday lives.

As we spend time with others and hear their stories, sometimes the things they are saying are totally foreign! "What are they talking about?" we may wonder. But if we listen, we can we learn about our differences, and similarities.  The world, and our lives would be boring without others.  When we learn about what makes each of us and our situations unique, we can become stronger. 

However, in our uniqueness, we share a bond in CYP that we have at least one family member with some type of health condition and that we give care for that person. With each family being different, and the variety of health conditions having their own nuances, as we share our stories, we realize we have much in common.  Although there are differences in what we do, our many feelings and the challenges we face in caregiving are the similar.  It's these feelings and challenges that unite us.

There is little we can do to change the health condition of our loved one; yet how we manage our feelings is something we can change, if change is needed. An example of a shared feeling is frustration, is so important to set our frustration so anger doesn't result! Take a break, listen to music, go for a walk or run, journal, read, or watch something funny, talk to a friend, or pray. If you know frustration is coming, try preventing it by doing calming activities. During 2017, do something good for you to manage your feelings before they get to a point that is tough to handle. Then, let others know what you have done to overcome your frustrations so they can learn from you.

If this happens to be a time when you are feeling challenged by caregiving worries or responsibilities, please speak with a CYP team member at your school's Lunch and Learn sessions or call the AACY office (561.391.7401) so we can work together on new solutions of caring and learning what works best for you and your family.
The 2016 CYP Holiday Celebration was held at Benvenuto's Restaurant in Boynton Beach on December 18, 2016. There were family portraits, arts and crafts, shopping, presents, piano playing and a wonderful meal shared together. This event is made possible through many individuals in our community who donate their gifts, time and energy to help.
Thanks to the many corporations and organizations that contributed to the success of the afternoon: Benvenuto Restaurant, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Broken Sound Club, First United Methodist Church, FP&L, Gallery 22 International, Matrixcare, Polen Capital, QEP, , Rotary, Sam's Club, Spirit of Giving Network, .  In addition, Vinny Ventiera recognized the support and sacrifices made by the students and their families.