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The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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The Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute invites you to two informative programs:


Focus on Lung Cancer: A Lunch and Learn Presentation

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11:30am registration - 12:00-12:45pm presentation

Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Dawson Theater, 800 Meadows Road, Boca Raton, FL 33486

Lung Cancer: An Interactive Discussion on Updated Treatment Options

Thursday, November 13, 2014

4:30pm registration - 5:00pm presentation 

The Lynn Cancer Institute at The Harvey & Phyllis Sandler Pavilion, Third Floor, Conference Room 1, 701 NW 13th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33486


To register, call 561.95.LEARN (955.3276). 


The Palm Beach County has a online research link.  Practice for an upcoming drivers test, research products, download music and much more. 

Students, do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?  Do you have a smoke detector?  If not, please call our office 561.391.7401 and let us know!  We want you and your family to be safe! 


Call 561.391.7401 and speak with a Family Specialist if you are interested in receiving tutoring help during the school year.


We have certified teachers in all subjects.  If you struggled last school year, let us help make this school year easier for you.
by:Emma Walthers

Emma attends Boca Raton Community High School.  She enjoys creative writing and shared this poem that she wrote about her expericence with her six year old sibling with autism.
Acts of kindness go a long way!

One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. Can you imagine a greater goal for one's life? It is a constant mind-set of kindness every day of your life. 

A great way to create a safer, more caring world is for everyone to start their lifetime goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. Can you imagine a greater goal for one's life? It is a constant mind-set of kindness every day of your life for the next fifty-five years.

Bob Votruba is promoting this idea and you can watch him being interviewed by clicking here.

The event will be held at Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach.  The Celebration is for youth caregivers and their immediate family.  Invitations will be going out in the mail the first week of December.
Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~Lolly Daskal
Issue: #78 October 2014  
Dear Reader,
Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President


Recent TV news showed a home covered in yellow tape, masks and red hazard bags for Halloween. The family said the Ebola fear is frightening and Halloween is supposed to be scary! Those decorations may even keep some "trick or treaters" away! 


What is scary in your life, your fear factor? Identifying a fear, planning how to conquer it, taking those steps one at a time and celebrating each step will bring you awesome results! Face and conquer at least one fear in November, National Family Caregivers Month, and we will celebrate with you!  



Skills Building Groups are starting in your middle schools!  This is a time when you learn there are many other caregivers in your school.  Please feel free to stop by the table during Lunch and Learn. The topic for November is diabetes.  


Camp Treasure is right around the corner!! Camp will be held November 14-15th. Spots are filling up fast so please call the office if you are interested in attending!    


We are excited to have your continued participation in the CYP and look forward to another successful year! As always, we welcome students that are joining CYP for the very first time.  


The CYP meetings are officially underway in the high schools! As always, we welcome students that are joining us for the very first time. We are starting Lunch and Learns in the high schools this year. Look for our table in or by your cafeteria. The topic for November will Diabetes. 


Don't forget to see your CYP Specialists for information on tutoring assistance, scholarship information, and college readiness.  

You have told us that you want more kids to know about and receive support from CYP.  Currrently CYP is working on a unique connection initiative.   Please participate in a pilot program.  We want and need your help to create this!  High school students can earn community service hours while participating.  Learn more by contacting Ms. Vera at 561.391.7401 or [email protected]
Congratulations to our community partner, Call 4 Health, for recently winning the CAM-X Award of Excellence!  The CAM-X award is a national award given for outstanding service.

We are recognizing Call 4 Health to thank them, for their commitment and service to AACY.  Call 4 Health has been providing our person answered 800 line 24/7 for several years.


Since 1997 Call 4 Health has been an organization of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the customer experience in medical answering/call center services. Compassion is the key to their success!  For more information visit


You may be among the many CYP participants who are caring for a family member with cancer. There are many types of cancers along with many locations it can grow in one's body. Some are hesitant to say the word "cancer" and use descriptions such as the "Big C" or the "C Word" as this illness is often linked to pain and dying.

Like the diagnosis of cancer, life is uncertain; each of us must cherish the time and days that we have, live fully and do our very best.


Today it is very encouraging to learn about the successes of people who are fighting cancer back and winning the fight! We are also fortunate to have new drugs that are specific for the cancer type. Plus, people with cancer are taking action. They are learning about and embracing needed changes in their lives, including in their nutrition. Often health care professionals are amazed at the results and new studies reflect the power of healing from within.


In spite of knowing all this, when you learn that your loved one has cancer, it is scary. It is very normal for your mind to wander and wonder, "What's going to happen to me and to my life?"


And, at the same time you know you must and you want to be there to help your family member. Right after surgery or during chemotherapy your assistance may be needed more than at other times. For sure you are not alone with these thoughts (and even the "why me?" thoughts), plus, you may feel angry. At these times you and your family may need a little break from responsibilities.

Each family situation is different just as the types of cancer are different. What is most similar are the feelings you and your peers experience. The team of the CYP can assist you. We can't change the health condition of your loved one(s); we can help you to make sure you have the extra support you may need and help you work through a challenging time.


The key to receiving support is to let us know! The CYP team is loving and talented however none of us are mind readers!


If you and/or your family are feeling challenged by caregiving responsibilities, please speak with a CYP team member at your school's Lunch and Learn sessions or call the AACY office (561.391.7401) so we can work together on new solutions of caring and learning what works best for you and your family.  

Erin Gove was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. Erin has been enjoying the sunny Florida weather and its beaches her whole life. She attended Florida Atlantic University for her Bachelors degree in Sociology and is currently attending FAU for her Masters degree in Social Work. Erin will graduate in May and would like to explore a career working with children. 

Samantha Miller is from Stuart, Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Samantha is now a first year student at Florida Atlantic University in the Masters of Social Work program. Samantha enjoys the beach, hiking, and loves to travel. 

The month of November is National Family Caregivers Month! 
Since 1997 all presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, have issued a national proclamation. AACY is working hard to make sure you as a caregiving youth are recognized during this time. More to follow in the November Treasure Talk! We...and you...understand that caregiving goes on for the 335 other days of the year.  Make sure you take a minute to celebrate your role as a caregiver and to recognize all of the hard work and compassion that you put forth for your families. Thank you for your dedicated and compassionate!
Rev. Tom Tift, PhD AACY Board Director, is shown here displaying a talent we didn't know about - fork lift driving!  Tom and his wife Jana help CYP transportation, raising funds, and frequenting CYP events.  They are both very positive people; seek them out and you will walk away with a smile!


Abbi Bentz, RN, BS, CRRN, AACY Board Secretary facilitated the Horses Helping People family resource day at Van Kampen Arena, and arranged for "cookies for caregivers" to help us recognize National Family Caregivers Month in November.  Abbi and her family are always volunteering at CYP events.  Be sure to look for her and thank her for all that she does for CYP.

Thank you Rammy Assaf and Jennifer auf der Springe for the October presentation weekend at the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference in San Diego, CA.  Dr. Julia Belkowitz, is on the Caregiving Youth Project's Advisory Council and is Asst. Regional Dean for Student Affairs and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami's Regional Medical Campus.  The presentation was based on data entered by medical students Rammy Assaf and Jennifer auf der Springe, who spent countless weekend volunteer hours going through more than 700 records of Caregiving Youth Project participants.  Dr. Siskowski and research statisticians from UM also participated in the study.

AACY is collaborating with multidisciplinary partners, including educators and healthcare professionals, to raise awareness of the issue and create a national system to identify caregiving youth and support their success. 


Gerry Fallon
American Association of Caregiving Youth

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