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The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Attend the Fearless Caregiver Conference, July 24th, at the Embassy Suites Hotel 
661 NW 53 Street 
Boca Raton, FL 33487.  A limited number of free tickets are available.  The event runs from 8:30a.m. to 2:30p.m., with lunch included.  Experts will be on-hand to answer your questions about balancing family, work and caregiving; helping adult children become independent; aiding your parents and more.

Questions?  Call 954-362-8126.  To register, visit
These stretches are an excellent daily routine that emphasizes stretching the muscles that are most frequently used in normal day-to-day activities. 

1.The "Spinal Twist"  

While seated, extend the left leg in front of you. Bend your right leg, placing your right foot on the outside of the left knee. Extend your right arm behind you to support your body. Place the left arm on the outside of the right leg. Slightly twist the torso using your left arm until you feel the stretch in your side. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Stretch the other side.   


2.Hamstring Stretch

While seated, extend your left leg in front of you. Bend your right leg, placing the bottom of your foot on the inside of the left knee. Place your right hand on top of your left hand. While keeping the lower back straightened, reach toward your left foot. Hold this for 10-30 seconds. During this stretch, keep the foot of the straight leg upright with the ankle and toes relaxed. Repeat for the right leg.  

May 27, 2014
A Place for Mom Blog had the opportunity to interview to Dr. Ann Faraone, the Director of Education Services, about how the AACY was founded, their mission, and their goals for the future.
The reality is stark: there are over 1.4 million youth caregivers from age 8-18. These teens have found themselves thrust into the role of a caregiver for their disabled, ill or senior family members. The American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) calls these young caregivers a "...


The Palm Beach County School District has provided a great link to find summer camps, museum schedules, reading contest, and community happenings.

Fire Safety 

Students, do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?  Do you have a smoke detector?  If not, please call our office 561.391.7401 and let us know!


2014 State Sales Tax HolidaysMay 31-June 8  

hurricane preparedness    


Memorial Day is the time to remember our patriotic heroes who sacrificed their lives to help all of us live in Freedom.  In honor of Memorial Day, here are 10 Facts about the holiday.

1. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May.

2. Memorial Day was observed for those who died in the Civil War but now honors who died Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghan Wars.

3. Memorial Day was originally known as Declaration Day.

4. Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971.

5. Each year on Memorial Day at 3:00om local time, a national moment of remembrance is asked of Americans to pause for one minute. This National Moment of Remembrance was established by Congress in 2000.

6. Waterloo, N.Y. is considered the birthplace of this holiday because the people of Waterloo were the first people to proclaim a day on May 5, 1866 to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War.

7. The Memorial Day custom of wearing artificial poppies was inspired by John McCrea's World War I poem "In Flanders Fields,"

8. On Memorial Day, you are supposed to fly the flag at half staff until noon, and then raise it to the top of the staff until sunset.

9. The Indianapolis 500 has been held on Memorial Day since 1911.

10. Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer.  

Issue: #73 May 2014  
Dear Reader,
Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President


 How awesome for our AACY Team (actually the A-Team!) to be with high school seniors in graduation spirit. There's no way we can go to each graduation...for some it has been more than six years since you joined the CYP in 6th Grade!  Although it is the end of the school year, it is the exciting beginning of summer break and, for graduates, the beginning of the next phase of your life.  Take good care, be the best you can be and stay in touch!


Thanks to CYP Family Specialists, AmeriCorps members, volunteers, Jennifer of the American Heart Association, Lenny and team from Walgreens, and Mary Ann Kofoed, RN, for creating a fun and educational Camp Treasure experience for caregiving youth.      


Campers enjoyed swimming, basketball, s'mores by the campfire, music and art therapy, guest speakers and lots of fun while making new friends. 
Special thanks to Debrah Klein, of Boca Raton Community Middle School.  Deb Klein immediately understood the challenges of caregiving youth and helped to make the CYP a success.  We wish her the Best in her retirement.

Courage Awards are given to caregiving youth bravely shared their personal story with the media to help bring awareness to the 1.4 million children who are caring for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members.

This year we celebrated them at Bogarts in Boca Raton.  It was a fun filled evening that included Karaoke by RayYourDJ.  Former World Champion Boxer Jameel McCline presented students with their awards.
Thank you to all our award recipients for sharing your stories and thank you to all youth caregivers for showing your courage on a daily basis.  Visit to view more pictures. 


Congratulations to all graduating middle school students and to those who completed their Skills Building groups. We look forward to our continuing relationship with you. Please remember to let us know if there is a change in your family situation. Like you, we too will be working all summer! 

Middle school students who entered the Caregiving Youth Project this year were given blankets and quilts made by the Linus Project and Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida.
Boca Middle School
Congress Middle School
Okeeheelee Middle School
Carver Middle School

Thank you for completing the end of year feedback forms. Your input is critical for improving the program!  High school students who have not completed the End of the Year Feedback Forms will be contacted during June. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Back to School Bash will be August 9th. If you are in need of school supplies, please contact us.


Congratulations to all of our CYP class of 2014 graduates!   


Among the things beyond our total control is the quality of the air we breathe. We can and should each do our part to make our planet as environmentally safe and friendly as possible. However, just as we experience with the illnesses of our loved ones, so much depends on many other factors.


According to the Center for Disease Control, about one in twelve people have asthma. In many ways it is a scary condition; the person with asthma looks well one minute yet in another minute something can trigger an asthma attack and all of a sudden, the transfer of oxygen in and out of the body becomes a challenge.


As a caregiver for someone with asthma or another lung condition that interferes with the body's ability to breathe, here are some tips to increase your caregiving confidence:

  •  Learn how to safely and properly use equipment that helps with breathing abilities such as an oxygen tank, oxygen concentrator or nebulizer
  • Check all medications, especially those on hand to use during a time that breathing becomes a challenge to be sure you know what they are for and that they have not expired
  • Encourage activities that require less energy as hard breathing may mean your loved one's body has less oxygen for cells to function; sitting requires less energy than standing
  • Know the signs and symptoms and take action when extra or emergency help is needed
  • Rid yourself of these myths:
    • I can do it all by myself!
    • No one else can give as good care as I can!

For caregiving youth who are preparing to go away to the military or college, reassure your family members that you going away has nothing to do about loving him/her less. Please remember that it's okay to leave to do something for yourself! If you are struggling with these issues, please feel free to call our office (561.391.7401) so we can work together on what works best for you and your family.

Congratulations to Maryann Singer and Begee Mondesir who were
among the 39 Palm Beach County public school students who were recognized at the annual Character Counts celebration, held at Santaluces Community High School in Lantana. The event was presented by The School District, Publix and the Sun Sentinel. The honorees received a certificate, trophy and a goodie bag at the celebration, which included refreshments prepared by Santaluces' culinary students and their instructor, Chef Gary Swaye.  Maryann and BeeGee we are very proud of you!
Please call 561.391.7401 and speak with a family specialist if you are interested in additional tutoring over the summer.
We have certified teachers in all subjects.  If you struggled last school year, let us help make the upcoming school year easier for you.

Gerry Fallon
American Association of Caregiving Youth

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