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The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Join the Sand Sifters for Our Monthly Beach Cleanup 
August 4, 2012
Oceanfront Park
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Meet Anthony Rodriguez,

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County Environmental Resources Management who will answer any sea turtle questions you may have.

Anthony will display sea turtle shells and pertinent


August 18, 2012

Gulfstream Park 

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August 3 through August 5, 2012

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Donna Thomson writes about the ethics and economics of giving and receiving care.  In a recent blog, she included a rap song.


Tricky P, rapping on being a young carer for his grandparents.  A terrific young artist giving voice to the experience of roughly 108,000 in Canada alone who are under 18 and provide care to a family member on a regular basis.

click here to listen

Maya Angelou








 "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded."

               ~ Maya Angelou





Comcast has expanded eligibility and doubled download speed to benefit more families. click here 



Issue: #51 July 2012  
Dear Reader,
Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President


Aren't the Olympics exciting to watch? There are people from all over our world! A world that is growing smaller every day! So, how does one person excel and another not?


Last month I mentioned my assignment on learning more about mental toughness.  I'm still working on learning more but here is an initial list of the common characteristics of people who are mentally tough. They: a) stay focused on what they can control; b) set goals; c) understand the importance of balance in life; d) develop and use routines over and over again that are successful; e) battle back after experiencing disappointments; and f) increase confidence in their abilities.


As caregivers we can embrace and strengthen these characteristics in each of us!  The AACY team is joining you in this journey!

By Bryan Still, CYP AmeriCorps Member
Bryan Still




As the end of my year of AmeriCorps service draws to a close, I am thinking more and more about the impact of volunteering on society. It not only provides a service in high demand by a subset of the community, but the psychological gratification is  unparalleled. Caregivers especially know the importance of taking time out of their own lives to support others, and understand the self-confidence that comes from helping. It is becoming increasingly important to give back to the community, participating in any way from volunteering at the homeless shelter to helping build houses with Habitat-for-Humanity. Volunteering is a job that is directly connected to the results of one's labor, meaning that you get to see the good that is produced from your labor (a key factor in feeling satisfied with what you do in life).  


I cannot stress enough the importance of volunteering, especially for caregiving youth as you prepare for your future careers. Now your School District has recognized your caregiving responsibilities as community service hours! So once you apply, you can receive hours for your work at home. Although your time is already challenged by your caregiving responsibilities, even if you can give a little outside of your caregiving, employers and schools beyond your high school graduation value community service. It helps you refine your planning, problem solving and people skills.  




I'd like to recommend that you consider serving with AmeriCorps as you approach high school graduation- it would make a great gap year and will benefit your resume in the future. It is one way that you can continue to make your community a better place to live, and you might find that volunteering ends up enriching your life in unexpected ways. For more info, please visit:  and 







Destiny, Isis & Julius
at Tropicana Bowling Lanes

 In July, both middle school and high school CYP students went bowling at the Tropicana in West Palm Beach. Thanks to Tropicana management (Mike) and CYP parent, Linda Lent, for helping us make it happen.


We also began our focus groups to learn more about how CYP youth are impacted by the healthcare system.  The group facilitator is Dinara,  a University of Miami Master of Public Health (MPH) Capstone Student. Students shared valuable information about their many experiences; their thoughts and suggestions were nothing less than brilliant!   


REMINDER: If you are in high school and haven't yet received a letter about earning community service hours for your caregiving at home or if you have questions about the form you received in the mail, please call us. We sent out letters and forms in June.


We continue to be on Facebook. Sign up for CYP student and CYP graduate groups in order to learn about

CYP students at Coconut Cove Waterpark

scholarship opportunities and announcements. Friend request Cristy at Christine Kovach Hom or Ms. Kaeron at Kaeron Williams.


The CYP group is also a place for us to discuss various subjects and issues so please let us know what you would like to discuss!


If you aren't on Facebook, you can also G-Chat with Ms. Cristy, or you may always give us a call. We love hearing from you!






It is likely that no one loves to go to the Emergency Room!  As much as it is a helpful and needed place, it can also be a scary one. Sometimes there is no other alternative to getting medical help.  You know that a trip to the ER may happen one day and that, depending on the medical condition of the person you care for and your family situation, you may also need to go to the hospital.  So how do you prepare ahead of time to make the ER experience the best it can be for both you and your family member?


One way is to organize in advance.  Be prepared! Have the paperwork in one place such as a folder or a binder.  Remember the binder you had at school last year that isn't OK for this year but is still too good to throw out?  Use it to create a Caring Binder.  Then, if you need to get medical help quickly, all you need to do is grab that binder as you go out the door.


What are the necessary items that you must know and take with you?  Here is a short, but basic critical list you will need to have about your family member:

  • Current medications
  • Known allergies
  • Medical history and diagnoses
  • Any recent test results
  • Doctors who are involved in the care of your family member
  • A list of adults you can call on to be with you as needed
  • Medical insurance information 

Before school starts again, create your Caring Binder and keep it up to date!  Also include something for you to read or help you reduce your stress while you wait.  Consider keeping an envelope in the binder with some change just in case you need a snack while you wait. As you care for another, caring for you is also important!




July 26, 2012

Gary Barg & Dr. Connie Siskowski
Dr. Connie Siskowski, Terrell, Nicholas, and Alexa












Dr. Connie Siskowski receives award from Gary Barg, Editor-in-Chief of Today's Caregiver Magazine.


Dr. Connie gives special recognition gifts to Terrell, Nicholas and Alexa for their role in CNN.  See their clip and "recommend" their story by clicking here

Gerry Fallon
American Association of Caregiving Youth 
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