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The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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 Hey Everyone!!

I want to spend this "Guy Talk" discussing milestones.  Milestones are those times in your life when a major change occurs, for example starting high school.  I want you to understand that there are many different milestones in ones life, and each time signifies a new chapter for you.  New chapters can be sad, or athte same time can be very exciting!  The key is to embrace where you are in life and the milestones as they come.  Please remember that this is YOUR life; do not let anyone prevent you from living it.
All the best,
Justin Grossmayer, MSW

Aging parents or grandparents often face physical, mental and emotional challenges.  If you are dealing with the challenges of elder care, attend a free mini conference at Spanish River Church, where experts in the field of caring for elder people will share valuable insights and resources on such topics as maneuvering legal/financial/housing issues, making end of life decisions, and more. 


Where:   Spanish River Church, 2400 Yamato Rd., Boca Raton, FL

When:   Saturday, October 15, 2011 9:00am - 2:00pm       

Lunch is included

Register: or call Denise, 561-994-5000 x256 For all the details, including key note speakers and topics, click on the Link.     Mini Conference Details


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Cable and Internet provider Comcast is launching a new program to offer discounted Internet service and computers to low-income families.

The program, called Internet Esssentials, will "provide low-cost accesss to the Internet and affordable computers as well as digital literacy training to families with childresn who are eligible to receive free lunches under the Nation School Lunch Program," according to the company's blog.  Click on the link for complete details.
Join the Sand Sifters for Our Monthly Beach Cleanup at Oceanfront Park. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011
6415 N. Ocean Blvd. (A1A)
Ocean Ridge, Fl. Just north of the Ocean Avenue Bridge. 
Sign In: 8:00 am
Event Ends: 10:15 am
Meet at the Pavilion in the Lower Parking Lot. Community Service Hours Awarded.

Visit the Website:


Pre-register by calling (561) 734-9128.


Do you know that volunteers are a GREAT help to us at CYP??


Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Mentoring
  • Office work
  • Social networking
  • Tutoring
  • Writing articles 

We are constantly looking for volunteers. An hour of your time can make a difference to a child caregiver. Community service hours are earned. Call us today to help!! Please contact Summer in the CYP office: (561) 391-7401 or [email protected]. 

 Affinity Program
HELP AACY RAISE MONEY!  TD Bank will make a donation to AACY just by having account holders acknowledge their support.  Nothing to pay!  Easy to do!  Just fill out this form and drop it off at any TD Bank.  Form

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At no extra cost to you, you can help support the CYP! 


Need help with homework? Try one of these!


1. Homework Hotline 1-800-548-0245 (M-F; 5-7 PM)

2. Palm Beach Schools FREE Homework Hotline:

561-640-5042, 561-688-5303, 561-688-5304, 1-800-548-0245

Help available in English, Creole and Spanish.


3. Palm Beach County Library System live homework help (with valid library card number): PBC Library 



You can also call our office at 561-391-7401 to help you find other resources for homework assistance! 

Issue: #41 September 2011  
Dear Reader,

Kudos to the many of you who help more than one person! (See - home page.)  Just managing our own lives is often a challenge!  Then one day as we learn more about caregiving, reality strikes, "Hey, it's not all about me!" It is often easier and quicker to do a task yourself. But the true pinnacle of caring for someone is helping that person do as much for themselves as he or she can.  Doing so creates the opportunity for all to soar. Help one another be all that you can be.  Soar on!



Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President 



In September, we began Continuing Care workshops where CYP seniors met and discussed their goals for the year. Seniors will be meeting from 3:30 - 4:30 on the second Wednesday of every month at the Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park, 225 NW Avenue in Boynton Beach. We would like to thank the City of Boynton Beach for donating this space to us.

Carolyn Sims Community Center at Wilson Park, Boynton Beach


9th, 10th, and 11th graders from Boynton Beach High and South Tech Academy will also be having after school workshops at this location and will be receiving a flyer in the mail with dates for the year.


Atlantic High's monthly workshop will begin this Wednesday, September 28 and then continue in November and throughout the year on the first Wednesday of every month from 9:30-10:30. We are in the process of scheduling workshops for Boca Raton High, Lake Worth High and Santaluces High.


Last month we welcomed Kaeron Williams and Bryan Still to the Continuing Care team. This month we welcome Amy Seltzer, a first year MSW student attending FAU. She will also be co-facilitating workshops and meeting with high school students.

CYP Students

having fun and splashing around at the beach in Delray

 Please remember that Ms. Cristy posts Continuing Care news, events, scholarships and volunteer opportunities on AACY's Facebook page. Make sure you check it out. 





Janis and Katrina

Congratulations Janis and Katrina.  AACY scholarship winner, Katrina F. nominated her mom for the Caregiver of The Year Award. The award is important because it raises awareness about the challenges and impacts of family caregiving. Katrina shared her mom's inspirational story and as a result, Janis received an Honorable Mention for the hard work, courage and strength that she displays as she cares for three people in her home, including her brother-in-law for the past 23 years.


Homewatch Caregivers in partnership with the National Family Caregivers Association provided the $10,000 gift along with a scholarship to Homewatch Caregivers University.


Joeseph Kraus

President & Founder of Stratis Business Systems

We would like to recognize and thank Joe Kraus, Founder and President of Stratis Business Systems Inc. Stratis has been a tremendous supporter and contributor to our work since the beginning of the Caregiving Youth Project when his company donated our database software. Since then, they have partnered every year. Joe and his employees volunteer and sponsor the Holiday Gift Shoppe. They have also participated in our fundraising efforts.


Only together we are stronger. Thank you Joe and to your team for continuing to make a difference in the lives of Caregiving Youth!


For more company details and to learn about their latest product, Soneto, visit www.




For 40 Years, 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast has been the central linkage point in our community that provides individuals with the information and support they need to solve their problems. Help for you is only a phone call way by simply dialing 2-1-1 or (866) 882-2991.


211 the helpline, is available for you and any family member and it is free, confidential, and available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Recently, 211 partnered with Ascension Health to provide comprehensive health navigation services. This will help you and your family, easily find and use available community healthcare resources. Specially trained multilingual Health Navigators assess callers' health needs, screen for and enroll them in benefits programs, schedule their medical appointments, assist them with getting any needed prescriptions, and provide follow-up services. Ascension Health is the nation's largest Catholic and nonprofit health system. Its Health Ministries serve in more than 500 locations in 20 states and the District of Columbia.


The goal of this new service is to help improve the health of individuals, thus communities. Thank you 211 Pam Beach/Treasure Coast ( and Ascension Health (

By Bryan Still, CYP Americorps Member

Your relative my be among the approximately 1.3 million Americans who have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) ("arthro-" means joint, and "-itis" means inflammation).  When a person has an autoimmune disease, the lining of the body's joints are targeted by one's own immune system.  Then the immune system mistakenly identifies the body's own cells as foreign entities and tries to kill them. The body's white cells attack the synovial tissue (membranous lining of the joints). When this happens the person experiences symptoms of swelling and stiffness of the joints resulting in pain. The most common areas of inflammation are in the wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. 


 RA is more common among females than males, and it is most prevalent among people age 40 and women over 50 are at the greatest risk. While a direct cause of RA in most patients is usually not found, the most common links are infection, genetics, and hormonal changes.

RA is considered a chronic disease, meaning that its management is needed the remainder of their lives. This does not mean that they always suffer from the symptoms. Many people with RA can have long periods of remission.

Since your heredity plays a role in your future health, if you begin to have consistent joint pain, seek early treatment to keep your joints as healthy as possible.

For more information, please visit the Arthritis Foundation:



By Jessica Rejune


Considered to be the "queen" of yoga postures, the shoulder stand, carries many physiological benefits. The benefit I enjoy most is allowing my blood to circulate away from my tired, achy feet and legs to the more deserving organs in my body most neglected and overstrained, my heart and brain. My blood flows down in to my thyroid gland, which regulates my metabolism, growth and development, heart rate, and blood pressure...just to name fewJ. These are just some of the reasons I love the shoulder stand.


To come into the shoulder stand, begin by laying flat on your back, legs straight in front of you, and arms to your sides. As you inhale, begin lifting your legs up and together towards the ceiling. As your hips and buttocks lift off the ground place your hands on your lower back for support. And begin shifting your weight in an effort to balance more on your shoulder region. Hence the term shoulder stand.

To increase your sense of balance, maneuver your arms so that your elbows and upper arms create a square base so that can support an upright position. DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE SIDE WHEN IN THIS POSITION-as you could injure your neck. Keep your eyes focused on your feet or belly button. Now, relax your feet, keep your legs together and straight, and BREATHE. To come out of this posture, begin lowering your legs to the ground, then release your hands, and place your arms on the ground.


If you are not able to come up into the shoulder stand you can always modify it by wiggling your buttocks as close to a wall until it touches. Then lift both legs with the backs of your legs to wall. Your heart will get a nice rest!


ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. And seek to find a balance between effort and ease in all yoga postures. Enjoy the experience!


 Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus 

Gerry Fallon
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Created on ... September 28, 2011