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The Caregiving Youth Project helps identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Hey Everyone!!



So I am always doing some sot of reading and looking for quotes that inspire me.

Here is a great quote that I came across...


"If someone profoundly influences your life's trajectory, don't return the favor. Pass it along to others in need of awakening." ~Neil deGrasse Tyson


I want you to ask yourself who do you look up to and why. Everyone has someone that they admire and for all different reasons. You might be impressed in the manner which they handle stressful situations or how they treat other people.


Have you ever stopped and considered that you might be the role model for someone? As a caregiver, you have and develop certain qualities, such as patience and strength, that others might find impressive.


Remember to be who you are and true to yourself.


 All the best,

Justin Grossmayer, MSW

Do you shop online? Find your favorite online sites through Give Back America here.


At no extra cost to you, you can help support the CYP!



Our Friend Paul Davis from Palm Beach County's
Environmental Resources Management will
Talk, Display Real Sea Turtle Shells, & Walk
You Down to a Sea Turtle Nest.  This Event is
Fun & Educational. 


Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011
6415 N. Ocean Blvd. (A1A) Ocean Ridge, Fl. Just north of the Ocean Avenue Bridge. 
Sign In: 8:00 am
Event Ends: 10:15 am
Meet at the Pavilion in the Lower Parking Lot.
Community Service Hours Awarded.

Visit the Website:


Pre-register by calling (561) 734-9128. 


Caregiving Youth, their families and supporters are invited

Boca Ballet Theatre  Presentation of the


on Saturday, July 30 @ 8 PM or Sunday, July 31 @ 2 pm.


Location: Show map
FAU's University Theater
777 Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431


Thanks to a generous gift from Boca Ballet Theatre, Caregiving Youth, their families and supporters may attend FREE!  Make it a special family outing and enjoy! 


When you arrive at the FAU Theater, go to the FAU Box Office for Ticket Sales and ask for Thais Harris.  Let her know that you are with AACY and  Caregiving Youth.


The Sun Sentinel recognizes Bill Hartmann for his Role at AACY

Read the full article about Bill, our volunteer web master by clicking the link   

Bill Hartmann  




Do you know that volunteers are a GREAT help to us at CYP??


They take time out of their days to make fun events possible! One of the many ways CYP is able to provide you with support is by asking volunteers to help with transportation. 


Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Community outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Mentoring
  • Office work
  • Social networking
  • Tutoring
  • Writing articles
  • Tech support 

We are constantly looking for volunteers. An hour of your time can make a difference to a child-caregiver. You can earn community service hours! Call us today to  help!! Please contact Summer in the CYP office: (561) 391-7401 or [email protected].


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Issue: #39 July 2011
Dear Reader,
In the seeming chaos of financial woes, now more than ever it is important for your voices to be heard....through your voice we can continue to make a difference for other caregiving youth!  In your end of the year feedback, nearly 230 of you stated that other caregiving youth need to know about CYP and have it in their schools!  Again and again you said, "They need help too" as well as "So they know they are not alone!" Please think about how you can use your voice - and let us know your thoughts!


Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President 

Hannah is finding ways to have her voice heard. click on the link to view her Award Winning Speech on Caregiving Youth Hannah



CYP Celebrates Camp Treasure Reunion!

Getting together with new caregiving friends is always a special time.  Camp Treasure Reunion took place on the campus of FLorida Atlantic University (FAU).


 The High Ropes provided a lot of fun on sunny, hot day.  The campers spent 2 hours team building and challenging themselves.  They learned communication, problem solving and coaching techniques.

 The music activity included playing instruments and creating their own words to Kelly Clarkson's popular song, Breakaway.


Campers commented and how much they enjoyed seeing what it was like walking around the beautiful FAU campus.


They also enjoyed cooling off and eating their lunch around FAU's Olympic size resort style pool.  



The last activity was a contest.  Each group got to create , out of play doa, a soaring eagle.  Each entry was great.  Fishing  rods were awarded to the first place team.  Campers and staff alike look forward to next year!


The School Board of Palm Beach County Recognizes The American Association of Caregiving Youth

Frank Barbieri, Mishu K., Connie Siskowski, Mark Hansen, Karen Brill

AACY Presented at the Board Meeting 

On July 20, 2011 the School Board of Palm Beach County presented Connie Siskowski, President and Founder of American Association of Caregiving Youth,  with a Certificate of Recognition for their commitment and dedication to the students of Palm Beach County. 

Summer Reading Rewards!

It's not too late to earn $10!  Read 10 books this summer, list the books on a form, take it to your nearest TD Bank to get $10 deposited into a new or existing Young Saver Account.  Click on the TD link for more details.  TD Bank Summer Reading  or Earn a FREE BOOK!  Kids can earn a free book and parents can enter for a chance to win a Nook!  Click on the link for details. Barnes & Nobles Summer Reading

 Continuing Care


Many CYP high school students have been traveling, working and volunteering this summer. On July 6th, some of us took time to get together at the Denson Pool in Boynton Beach. It was cloudy but we were lucky to have missed the rain.


We'd like to thank Ms. Summer for organizing the day and giving swimming lessons. Those of us who stayed out of the pool discussed our interests, goals and dreams.


At the pool party, Atlantic High Junior Barbara J. suggested that continuing care students call their friends in the program instead of us always doing the calling. We will definitely be using this suggestion the next time we have an event. Thanks Barbara!


Ms. Cristy continues to post scholarships and community activities on her Facebook page. Make sure you check it out. She is under her full name: Christine Kovach Hom.

Fearless Caregiver Conference

by Kelsey T. (Kelsey and Sherlyn in photo below)

In the July Youth Program I have learned that I am not alone.  At the Fearless Caregiver Conference, I learned that "It takes a family to fight a disease." The Conference was a very helpful experience. 


I learned so much in so little time!  In the exhibit area, I enjoyed meeting people from the different agencies and learning information on providing comfort, different diseases and how every disease strikes all ages.  The way every agency like Home Health Care, Hospice Services, and Medical Suppliers introduced themselves and their company blew my mind away! 


In the question and answer panel, I found out that there are many different groups and caregiving agencies that get together and brainstorm about the health and support of their clients.  I learned that many people in the world have a loved one that needs help - from celebrities to the lower class. We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch together with the new faces we met who are in similar situations.


At the end of it all, we all come in together to help loved ones and to see that they are not alone in fighting their diseases.



Let's Learn about Heart Attacks

by Celia Mouyal, CYP AmeriCorps Member


Heart disease is a top diagnoses of your care receivers.  Have you ever heard a doctor talk about a myocardial infarction (MI)? This is actually the medical term for what we commonly call a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart is blocked, and the heart muscle is damaged or dies because it can't get oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive.


Why would blood flow to your heart get cut off? When substances like fat and cholesterol build up in the arteries that bring blood to your heart, those substances form what we call "plaque". This plaque is thick and hard, and when a plaque breaks, a blood clot forms. The blood clot that forms can reduce or completely stop blood flow to the heart.


Symptoms of a heart attack often include chest discomfort or pain and shortness of breath. A person having a heart attack also might experience pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach.Breaking into a cold sweat, feeling lightheaded or nauseous are also related symptoms. If you think you or someone else is having a heart attack, seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait to call 9-1-1 and get to a hospital, even if you are not sure that you or your friend is experiencing a heart attack. When it comes to a heart attack, you don't want to take any chances. Always get it checked out as soon as symptoms make you think something may be wrong!


Start now to protect your heart and to prevent heart disease.  It is important to stay healthy by eating a healthy diet low in animal fats, exercising and not smoking. It is also very important to control cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. 


American Heart Association:


Act In Time to Heart Attack Signs (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute): 


Yoga by Jessica

The sitting forward bend posture is a nice counter stretch to any back bending posture, such as the cobra. It may sound simple, but is actually difficult to master by remaining active during the stretch and maintaining a meditative breath in order to sink into the pose. The forward bend has several health benefits, including a reduction in excess weight in the waist area, massages, stimulates, and tones the digestive organs, increases hip flexibility, and stretches all the muscles of the back of the body.

To come into the forward bend, sit up with your legs together and straight in front of you. Keep your spine long. Relax your shoulders down. Make sure your legs are active. This means you are activating your leg muscles, trying to keep the backs of your legs firmly planted on the ground and your toes flexed reaching towards your nose. You can do this by pushing through your heels. Inhale, lifting both arms up over your head towards the sky. As you exhale, bring your arms towards the earth. Continue this motion while bringing your torso/chest down towards your thighs, and release your arms down alongside your legs. Reach as close to your feet as your can (you can grab on to your calves too. That'll work also). Listen to your body.

Make sure you keep those leg muscles active! To maximize this posture, think of elongating your spine with each inhale, and then releasing your torso down further with each exhale. Do your best to take out any curve in your spine. A tip for this is to look at your toes as your inhale. Many yogis work up to holding this posture for up to 5 minutes! Remember, if your mind wonders during any posture, focus on your breath, and listen to your body.

Its not about how far you can stretch, its about keeping the spine long and posterior body active.  



Gerry Fallon, Editor
Mary Jo Tarrien, RN, Health & Education Specialist  
American Association of Caregiving Youth 
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