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Caregiving Youth Projects help identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, injured, elderly, or disabled family members. This allows caregiving youth to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Dear Reader,
We are so fortunate to have an amazing group of dedicated and caring people who form the CYP Team!  
Recently Summer Faerman and members of Temple B'nai Israel created Stress Survival Kits for you, our CYP members. You will be receiving them to help you through FCAT time. We want you to know that even if we are not with you physically, your CYP Team and our greater community is cheering for your every success! Soar on!


Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D. Founder and President 


Hey Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a great Spring Break and found some time to have fun!


This month I want to talk about patience. Being a caregiver, there are going to be more times then you will be able to count that you are going to have to be patient; realize that you may not have control, and learn to roll with punches! 


After waiting and waiting each day, my family finally found out that my mom was approved for a new medicine. We are hoping that this medicine will help her! 


I am one who struggles with being patient. I want to have instant results! Life is not always like that, and as I have always said, within each experience there is a lesson to learn.


When life becomes overwhelming, remember that within each experience there is a lesson to be learned.  Embrace experience, learn the lesson, and next time the experience will be more manageable.




All the best,
Justin Grossmayer, MSW

Join the Sand Sifters for Our Monthly Beach Cleanup at Oceanfront Park. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011
6415 N. Ocean Blvd. (A1A)
Ocean Ridge, Fl. Just north of the Ocean Avenue Bridge. 
Sign In: 8:00 am
Event Ends: 10:15 am
Meet at the Pavilion in the Lower Parking Lot.
Community Service Hours Awarded.

Visit the Website:

Pre-register by calling (561) 734-9128.

Caregiving Youth and families may attend the La Bayadere Ballet  Dress Rehearsal on Friday, April 15th at 7:00 pm at the Performing Arts Theater at the Olympic Heights High School, 20101 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL. Jane Guin from Boca Ballet will explain the storyline of the ballet at 6:15 pm.


If you are interested in attending, please email Mary Jo at [email protected]


Caregivers are the family members and loved ones who provide care for Veterans who are living with the effects of war, disability, chronic illness, or aging. They deserve VA's highest level of support. On February 1, 2011, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  opened a toll-free National Caregiver Support Line housed at the Canandaigua VA Medical Center campus in Canandaigua, New York. The support line will serve as a primary resource/referral center to assist caregivers, Veterans and others seeking caregiver information to help in the care of our Nation's Veterans. Calls to The National Caregiver Support Line will be answered by VA employees who are licensed clinical social workers.


The National Caregiver Support Line will be open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The National Caregiver Support Line Toll-Free number is 1-855-260-3274.


Please also see VA's updated caregiver website: Click Here



Are you caring for someone with dementia? This summer during the week of June 19-25, 2011, Camp Building Bridges in New Life Ranch, Colcord, Oklahoma is hosting their next camp for teenagers who care for someone with dementia/Alzheimer's.


Limited scholarships are available. Please visit the Alzheimer's Association website for more information.



Need help with homework? Try one of these!


1. Homework Hotline 1-800-548-0245 (M-F; 5-7 PM)


2. Palm Beach Schools FREE Homework Hotline:

561-640-5042, 561-688-5303, 561-688-5304, 1-800-548-0245

Help available in English, Creole and Spanish.

Palm Beach Schools website


3. Palm Beach County Library System live homework help (with valid library card number): PBC Library

You can also call our office at 561-391-7401 to help you find other resources for homework assistance!  




Volunteer at CYP 
Have some extra time on your hands? Know someone who wants to make a difference for a child and the community around them? Our Caregiving Youth Project is looking for volunteers!

If you, or a friend, want to make a positive impact in both a child's life and yours, join us! Volunteer opportunities and schedules vary depending on your needs and skills. An hour of your time can mean the world to a caregiver.

For more information, please contact Laura at the Caregiving Youth Project: (561) 391-7401 or [email protected].

Forward to a Friend

Tell CYP today!
Have you recently changed where you live or phone number? Help CYP find you!

Let us know via email or telephone if you have a new address or phone number. We will update our files so we can stay in touch with you about upcoming events and functions!

Call 561-391-7401 or email [email protected].

Issue: #35 March 2011
It was a night filled with fun and emotion on February 24, 2011 at the Hearts & "Soles" event in Boca Raton.
The evening started with videos presentations of the AACY kickoff video, the New York Times video and "Little Mom." While guests had the opportunity to mingle with others, Mark Hansen recognized honored guests and Bobby Campbell received the 

Dr. Tom Tift, Shelby, & Summer

"First Step Award" as the initial event sponsor.
Honorary chairs, Florida State Senator Maria Sachs and Florida State Representative Bill Hager, were thanked for their participation by co-chairs Summer Faerman and Shelby Linton.
Also recognized as Palm Beach School District Middle School Guidance Counselor of the Year, was Brenda Hammerschmidt of Omni Middle School.

Brenda Hammerschmidt of Omni Middle & Donna Drucker of CYP

After dinner, CYP students Keith, Natasha, & Alexandria made their way to the podium to share their caregiving stories and experiences. "At first, I felt all alone. I didn't know there were other kids out there in my situation, or that there were people who understood what I was going through and could help me cope with my feelings," said Keith B. who cares for both of his parents.  
Caregiving youth were honored for serving as ambassadors of strength, courage and steadfastness and for sharing their stories in a variety of mass media portrayals. They received Courage Awards and a personalized autographed book from Frank McKinney. CYP soon

Stephanie P., Ms. Shalene, & Natasha P.

to be graduating high school seniors were also given "Keep Soaring" Eagle statues. Board member Ronnette Smith from Walmart also spoke about her experience as a youth caregiver.
Thanks again to all who helped put this incredible event together and to our event sponsors: the Barquet Family, Blue Martini, Bobby Campbell, BOMAR Foundation, Daszkal Bolton, Glick Family Funeral Home, HSBC Bank, Rosemary & Ben Krieger, and Q.E.P. Inc.        

Ms. Cristy represented AACY at the Building a Grad Nation Summit on March 21-23, 2011 in Washington, D.C. The three-day event was co-hosted by America's Promise Alliance, the Alliance for Excellent Education, Civic Enterprises, and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University.  


Ms. Cristy joined 890 leaders from federal, state and local government, nonprofits, corporations and foundations committed to addressing America's high school dropout crisis. 


Even Vice-President Biden stopped by! He spoke about the importance of a college education and his goal to make it affordable and accessible to all students.  "The dreams and skills of our college graduates will pave the way to a bright economic future for our nation," he said.


In 2010, President Obama, the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, General Colin Powell and his wife Alma (now Chairwoman of America's Promise) launched the Grad Nation campaign as an effort to raise the US graduation rate to 90% by the year 2020.


While in DC, Ms. Cristy visited the offices of Representative Allen West and Senator Bill Nelson. Congressional staff offered AACY their future support! 



FCAT's (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) are here! Diminish your stress levels by being prepared.


Follow these simple pointers to achieve higher scores: 

  1. Go to sleep early
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Hold off on visiting Facebook and texting during FCAT week
  4. Study in groups
  5. Study the FCAT guides and workbooks
  6. Take practice exams online

 Good Luck!!



Can you imagine playing basketball, dodgeball, kickball, flag football, dancing to zumba and swimming in a pool all in one day?


Enjoying the pool

That's exactly what CYP students did as another fun spring break activity on March 21st at the Boca Raton and Boynton Beach YMCA's for Wellness Day.


Cristian said, "It was the best time ever, I didn't want the day to end, " while excited Schleiden said, "That was the furthest and deepest I've ever swam!"

Boca YMCA attendees


Jamie McCathy, Nutrition & Wellness Promotion Specialist of the School District traveled from one event to the next to share information about healthy food choices and portion control.  

NEWS From Continuing Care

At CYP, we are committed to helping you remain in school, figure out your future and reach your goals!


FAU College Tour

Did you have fun on your Spring Break? CYP sponsored several fun activities!


On Wednesday, March 16th, continuing care students went on a tour of Florida Atlantic University.


They learned about the university and its admission requirements and then explored the campus, including a freshman dorm and the student union. As soon as the tour was over, Kethia a junior from Boynton Beach High said, "Now I know I want to go to college here!"


Stay tuned! There will be another FAU college tour this summer!


In-School Groups


Continuing Care is finally coming to Santaluces!


On April 27, we will begin monthly in-school lunch groups at Santaluces Community High School.  If you go to Santaluces, Ms. Cristy looks forward to having lunch with you.


April's continuing care groups are as follows:


Tuesday, April 5: Boca High 9th and 10th

Wednesday, April 6: South Tech Academy

Tuesday, April 12: Lake Worth High

Wednesday, April 13: Boynton Beach High

Tuesday, April 19: Boca High 11th and 12th

Wednesday, April 20: Atlantic High

Wednesday, April 20: Boca High 9th with Ms. Carole

Wednesday, April 27: Santaluces High


This month at Atlantic High, Guidance Counselor Ms. Duncan will speak to us about college admission and financial aid.  If you have a group topic you'd like to see, please call, email or "Facebook" Ms. Cristy to let her know. 



by Celia Mouyal, CYP Americorps Member

Diabetes now affects over 20 million Americans. Over 40 million Americans are considered pre-diabetic. 


What is diabetes? First, we need to understand what happens to sugar in our bodies after we eat a meal. Glucose (sugar) enters the bloodstream and then must move into cells where it can be used for energy. Glucose can only enter the cells with the help of insulin, which is made by the pancreas. People with type 1 diabetes, often diagnosed in childhood, take insulin injections because the body creates little or no insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the kind that affects most today. The pancreas does not create enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal, usually because the body does not respond well to insulin. As a result, blood sugar stays high and your body does not get the fuel it needs.


If someone in your family has diabetes, if you have a history of heart disease, high cholesterol or are overweight, you may be at risk for diabetes. Here are some warning signs: you go to the bathroom a lot, always feel hungry or thirsty, feel tired, have numbness or tingling in your hands and feet, or have blurred vision. You can prevent type 2 diabetes by controlling your weight with exercise and a healthy diet. See your school nurse or doctor to develop a plan to talk about prevention!


Visit the American Diabetes Association for more information:



by Jessica ReJune 

As with any exercise, it is important to warm up first. One way to warm up for yoga is by doing 'sun salutations.' During sun salutations it is important that your movement match with your breath (inhale and exhale through the nose). This yoga practice emphasizes the important connection between your breath and state of mind. As a result, you become more in tune to your body. Other benefits of sun salutations are strengthening all major muscle groups in your body, opening the flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body, and improving concentration.



As mentioned above, this exercise is focused around syncing your breath with your movements. Therefore, it is important that you do not become overly concerned with doing the poses perfect and instead go at your own pace. Focus on inhaling with every motion and exhaling with the following motion trying your best to control your breath so that you are using the entire length of the breath to finish a pose.


Florence Fuller Center, CYP, and Soroptimist International of Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach partnered to present the Real Beauty Workshop for girls.  


It was an engaging and interactive time which included a video showing the transformation of "normal" people into models using camera, lighting and Photoshop tricks. The afternoon concluded with each girl documenting her uniqueness and inner beauty.

The Summer Youth College (SYC) is having an Open House at Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton on April 6th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM for new and returning students.  Parents and students can look at the facilities, take a tour and meet some of the instructors, assistants and volunteers.





Each class is 2 hours long, once a week, for 6 weeks at $69/ class for students ages 8-14 with a variety of classes available.  Some of the classes are: acting, animation, art, basketball, brain games, bugs, careers, China, clay creations, computers, dancing, drawing, drums, flag football, genetics, Israel, karate, kick boxing, magic, math games, ping pong, recorders, science, soccer, space, tumbling, volcanoes, web design, and young entrepreneurs. 


SYC Interns (ages 15-17) learn many leadership skills.


For more information, contact:

Mary Jo @ 561-391-7401, [email protected]

or Elke Schmidt @ 561-862-4728, [email protected] 


We are honored to announce the nomination of

Ms. Mary Jo with Abbi Bentz

Ms. Mary Jo Tarrien to the Palm Healthcare Foundation Nursing Distinction "Extra Mile" Award.
Many outstanding nurses in Palm Beach County have been nominated on the basis of dedication to excellence in an area of expertise beyond the scope of their jobs, commitment to the profession of nursing, and a sense of community. 
Mary Jo is pictured above with nominee Abbi Bentz who began the annual "Cookies for Caregivers" ten years ago. 


AACY's Ms. Cristy 

Ms. Cristy, Director of Continuing Care at CYP, has been working with young people as a therapist and program director for over 16  years. Ms. Cristy moved to Florida from Baltimore, Maryland, in May 2000 to enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful beaches. She has a Masters Degree of Social Work from University of Maryland at Baltimore, a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary English Education and Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature (yes, two separate degrees) from the University of Maryland, College Park.


At AACY, Cristy spends a lot of time with our high school students. She helps them learn about the future by sharing resources and encouragement for their after high school and college years.  


Ms. Cristy loves spending time with her husband and cats, following politics, tweeting, and blogging. Reading and going to the beach help her de-stress.


You can write to Ms. Cristy on Facebook, call her in the office at 561-391-7401, or email her: [email protected]  



"Question reality, especially if it contradicts the evidence of your hopes and dreams." 
~Robert Brault
Did you know that the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) has designated 2011 as "The Year of the Family Caregiver?"
All of us at AACY are praying for Japan and their great loss. Please join us in prayer for their future and recovery.
 Happy Easter!!
Happy Passover!!
Laura Poklemba, Editor
Mary Jo Tarrien, RN, Health & Education Specialist
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