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Caregiving Youth Projects help identify, recognize, educate and support students who care for ill, aging, or disabled family members. This allows them to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Dear Reader,
"Stand up and cheer - it's a brand new year!" was the beginning line Back to School Breakfast and Pep Rally cheer. Those are exciting and easy words to SAY - the next step is what are we each going to DO to make this school year terrific?  If we - no matter how young or old we are - each do just one little thing to make a positive difference - students among your peers or for yourself - and the rest of us on your behalf - it will be a brand new year!  Together we are stronger - together we can make it happen!

Connie Siskowski, RN, Ph.D.
Founder and President 

Hey Everyone!! 
Summer break has come and gone and now it is time to hit the books again!  I think it is important to take a second and set up goals for yourself to achieve this year.  Goals are important for many reasons; the most important reason is to create direction.  As caregivers, it seems that we are constantly multitasking.  By setting up goals, through all the distractions, we can still have a direction. 
There are two types of goals:  short-term goals and long-term goals.  Create a list!  Write down two or three short-term goals, such as things you can accomplish by the end of the school year. Then create and write down two or three long-term goals, such as what you want to achieve in the next couple of years or in your life time! 



All the best,
Justin Grossmayer, MSW
Justin is available at: [email protected]
Join the Sand Sifters Beach Cleanup
Help Clean Our Florida Beaches 


Join the Sand Sifters Beach Cleanup.

Sand Sifters Beach Cleanup
Oceanfront Park
Saturday, September 4, 2010
6415 N. Ocean Blvd. (A1A)
Ocean Ridge, Fl.
Just north of the Ocean Avenue Bridge. 
Sign In: 8:00-8:15 am
Event Ends: 10:15 am
Meet at the Pavilion in the Lower Parking Lot.
Community Service Hours Awarded.


Visit the Website:


Pre-register by email: 
[email protected]
or by calling (561) 734-9128.

Join Today! 
Did you know you and your family can get discounts on products and services?
The National Family Caregivers Association created this new program to help caregivers and their care recipients by offering help to obtain needed supplies.

and click on the Join button to sign
up for FREE membership or call the office at: 1-800-896-3650.
The Caregivers Marketplace™ is the nation's first cash back program for anyone who gives, gets or needs care. You can receive cash back on eligible products that are not typically covered by insurance or Medicare - no matter where you buy them. The program is free and your information is always kept confidential. 
Save on brands like Senokot, Depend, Poise, Benzodent, IcyHot, and Balmex (many others are listed on the website!).
For more information!, visit
Tell CYP today!
Have you recently changed where you live or phone number? Help CYP find you!
Let us know via email or telephone if you have a new address or phone number. We will update our files so we can stay in touch with you about upcoming events and functions!
Call 561-391-7401 or email [email protected].
Volunteer at CYP 
Have some extra time on your hands, Willy? Know someone who wants to make a difference for a child and the community around them? Our Caregiving Youth Project is looking for volunteers!

If you, or a friend, want to make a positive impact in both a child's life and yours, join us! Volunteer opportunities and schedules vary depending on your needs and skills. An hour of your time can mean the world to a caregiver.
For more information, please contact Laura at the Caregiving Youth Project: (561) 391-7401 or [email protected].

Issue: #28 August 2010

AACY took part in a Boca Festival Days event with Call 4 Health and the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce on August 17th.

Symbolically held on the first day of school, the unique Back to School Breakfast and Pep Rally was led with a special blessing by Dr. Tom Tift and seven other multi-denominational religious leaders (pictured above).
The highlight of the breakfast was a special award to Jody Gleason, Executive Director of the PBC Education Commission; Ms. Gleason's renowned twenty-five year history of public service in Palm Beach County includes 10 years as an elected member of the County's School Board. Ms. Gleason was also applauded for helping provide CYP students computers and internet access.
Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders, volunteers, and AACY staff led local dignitaries, elected officials, business, educational and religious leaders and community supporters to cheer: 

Stand up and cheer,
it's a brand new year
We've got our right foot forward,
we're looking ahead
We're coming together,
to support something great
Something so amazing,
that the kids appreciate!  

Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel with Chamber President Troy McLellan and Dolphin Cheerleaders Ashton & Lilly.

AACY wishes all school staff, students, and especially CYP students a successful 2010/11 school year!
On July 23rd, CYP students learned and dined at the Whole Foods Market in Boca Raton.

Thank you Jarden Consumer Solutions!

It started with a presentation of a check from Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund to the Caregiving Youth Project. Then the CYP students took a tour of the market and learned about nutrition, organics, and food sustainability. The students also enjoyed sampling foods throughout the store. 
They learned straight from a chef how to prepare a complete meal with bean soup, chicken, squash, a couscous dish, and a fruit-based dessert served with ice cream (which they then enjoyed eating!).  
The day ended with an exciting surprise as each student received their very own Crock Pot, The Original Slow Cooker.

What an exciting surprise!

Thank you Jarden Consumer Solutions and Whole Foods Market!
Students Enjoy Ocean Fishing 
CYP students took part in the Kid's Fishing Day with The West Palm Beach Fishing Foundation at Bicentennial Park, Lantana on August 4th.
Before fishing, they learned about Florida fish and ecosystems, as well as net fishing, land fishing, preparing the pole and reel, and baiting the hook.
After the lessons, CYP students boarded the boat and fished in the deep sea.
McLawlie L. received an award for catching the biggest fish. 

  CYP looks forward to next years fishing excursion!

On August 6th, CYP students enjoyed an afternoon of fun at the Denson Pool in Wilson Park, Boynton Beach. 

Many of the students went down three super slides and raced across the Olympian size pool. Some students received mini swimming lessons from Ms. Shalene and had fun jumping into the deep end. Many also took part in Superman style jumping contests.
"We should do this again!" stated Jenny G.
Stay tuned, more CYP fun in the sun to come! 
Caleb and the nurse discussing health.
In collaboration with Back To School Bash and Spirit of Giving Network, this year over 275 CYP students & siblings received needed supplies for success at school.
Students flocked to the Delray Beach and West Palm Beach facilities to select backpacks and supplies to prepare for a brand new year.
Families also had access to school physicals, immunizations, clothing, shoes, hair cuts, face painting and food.  An amusing surprise in the backpack was an Andy Roddick bobble head!
Together with its partners, the Bash will help students excel in the 2010 school year!
Ms. Lissa taking backpacks for delivery.
NEWS From Continuing Care

CYP welcomes our 9th graders to our Continuing Care program! If you haven't already, please call Cristy at 561-391-7401 to introduce yourself. 

We are scheduling our monthly Continuing Care in-school groups and plan to begin again in September. We will be returning to Boca High, Atlantic High, Boynton Beach High and South Tech Academy. This year we will offer groups at Lake Worth High as we work together with the Communities in Schools Program. While at Atlantic High School, we are collaborating with the Knights of Pythagoras.
Continuing Care will also continue to schedule out of school activities throughout the year.                      

AACY's Ms. Mary Jo Tarrien
Ms. Mary Jo Tarrien, Health & Education Specialist at the Caregiving Youth Project, is originally from North Dakota and moved to Florida at the beginning of her senior year of high school. 
Ms. Mary Jo grew up on a farm and worked as a ceramics studio assistant and grocery store cashier as a teen. After college and earning her RN degree, she started her career as a registered nurse in hospitals and home health agencies. She is also a Summer Youth College instructor at Palm Beach State College. At CYP, she teaches Caregiving Youth classes in middle schools and helps with special activities for students.
Ms. Mary Jo takes walks on the beach to de-stress and enjoys watching her favorite movie, Sound of Music. Her three daughters are her pride and joy and just hearing from them makes her happy.
Ms. Mary Jo loves spending time with CYP students and looks forward to seeing all the Caregiving Youth students be successful!!  She is also a caregiver of her 93 year old blind mother-in-law and can really relate to students who are caregivers.
Ms. Mary Jo can be reached in the office at 561-391-7401 or via email at [email protected].


"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." 
~Author Unknown
Laura Poklemba, Editor
Mary Jo Tarrien, RN, Health & Education Specialist
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