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Caregiving Youth Projects help identify, recognize, educate and support kids who care for family members. This allows them to achieve success, have fun and make new friends, while promoting academic growth.
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Being Thankful
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Caregiving Youth Holiday Party
Cookies for Caregivers Luncheon
Carol Levins Wins Prize
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UK Carers in 2010
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Issue: #19 November 2009
Dear Reader,

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it will not only be a few short weeks before school is out for the Holiday break and we will all begin a new year and with 2010, a new decade.  I was recently reading an article and the term, "prisoner of inertia" caught my attention.  I had never seen those words together...essentially they mean "stuck in a rut".  When you feel like you are going nowhere, it is sometimes easier to stay there than to move forward!  But, if you just stay there, you never will know or experience other wonderful opportunities of life. 
If you are content and feel satisfied with your life, stay where you are; do nothing different and expect nothing different from life.  Or, revisit the NY Times video clip of our CYP that was released last February. Pay special attention to Christina Powell from Boca Middle School in her note to herself..."Life is full of surprises, so surprise life!"
If you would like to see some different and positive school or in your personal some things in a new, exciting and positive way so that change with success is much more likely to happen!  Make 2010 a year to make a no "stuck in a rut" choice - you'll be glad you did!
Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD
Founder and Director
Being Thankful
The definition of "thankfulness" is to be grateful and appreciative. But what does it really mean to be thankful or grateful? How do you know when you are? Being thankful or grateful is not something you can exactly define.
Being thankful is more of a feeling, a rush of warm thoughts for someone or something. For some of us, it is easier to put our thanks in words; for others showing thanks comes naturally. We at the Caregiving Youth Project (CYP) encourage you to find a way to share your feelings of thanks this holiday season (even after Thanksgiving!). 
Deadline Friday December 4th!
Win a $50 Mall Gift Card!   
Our website has been revamped
Visit the new
Recently, the website has been redone with new and improved added features. We are all still learning how to best use them - please explore with us!  Give us your suggestions to make the AACY space YOUR place!
Take a look and sign up today! 
Caregiving Youth Project Holiday Party
Please join us at the Holiday Party!  Candy Cane
Music - Fun - Food & More!
Sunday, December 20
2:00 to 4:00
Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach
1730 N. Federal Highway
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
*Please call Summer to save your spot at (561) 391-7401.
Space is limited! 
Cookies for Caregivers Luncheon
November is National Family Caregivers Month
In the footsteps of our nation's leaders before him, President Obama proclaimed the month of November as National Family Caregivers Month. Locally, on November 18, 2009, at the Cookies for Caregivers Luncheon held at Temple Beth El, Mayor Susan Whelchel of the Ciy of Boca Raton also proclaimed November 2009 as National Family Caregivers Month and the season of Thanksgiving. 
The proclaimation included that 1.4 million children in the United States ages 8 to 18 provide care for an adult relative, and the City of Boca Raton recognizes the impact of caregiving on our youth and supports programs such as The Caregiving Youth Project.  
Thank you for supporting family caregivers of all ages Mayor Whelchel!
Carol Levine Wins Purpose Prize Fellowship Award
Carol Levine, a national authority about family caregivers of all ages, recently won the Purpose Prize Fellowship Award.
Carol is the author of When Illness Turns Families on Call into Caregivers and the co-author of the ground breaking "Young Caregivers in the U.S."
Congratulations to Carol!
Pictured above are Carol Levine and our Dr. Connie Siskowski. Click here to see CYP students in this national awards video!
Youth Caregiver and Family Move North
Letter from Joyce A.
As this newsletter travels, so is one of our youth caregivers who is moving to Stuart with her family. Change is hard and the unknown can be scary! 
Joyce writes to us: 

Dear CYP,
I really much appreciate all of your support and for providing a shoulder for me to lean on when tears were dripping from my eyes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND AGAIN THANK YOU! 
My advice to all of you is to live life with an open mind and pure hearts don't wait for bad experiences to change your life. My bad experiences have taught me to look at life differently and to appreciate everyone you meet...
Joyce A. 
What happens when a CYP youth moves?
The answer is that we stay in touch as best we can, including being in contact with the new school. Joyce will continue to be a part of the Caregiving Youth Project when she moves.
Cash Back Program for Caregivers
On the website, there is a cash back program on products that are not typically covered by insurance or Medicare designed to help caregivers and their families.
Take a look today!
Coming soon to Treasure Talk
Stay tuned for "Guy Talk" 
During the summer at Reunion Camp or this past September at Camp, you may remember meeting John Allison and/or Justin Grossmayer. In next month's issue of Treasure Talk, we will feature a new "Guy Talk" column as they share information about some important issues and topics. Stay tuned!
John is availble at: [email protected]
Justin is available at: [email protected]
Merck presents 3D animations of diseases

Merck Source is a website designed by Merck & Co., Inc., a world-wide pharmaceutical company,  that provides patients and caregivers with health information and resources.  Their goal is to empower patients with knowledge of diseases, prevention and treatment.
New caregiving focus groups
Small groups will be starting that will focus on specific caregiving needs...for example if you are helping someone with diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other specific illnesses and also for special areas of activities such as classes for computers, cooking, ceramics, music or art and sports such as fishing, bowling or games.  Stay tuned for more details!

"Young Carers" to arrive from the UK!
We anticipate a time when CYP students can travel to the UK at the end of June (with funding in 2010!) and experience the annual Young Carers Festival. Meanwhile, in February of 2010, we look forward to meeting a group of young carers arriving from the UK. We plan to welcome them with open arms and open hearts for a few days of respite in the U.S.
They weren't sure they were going to be able to come and then they received the funding they needed to make the trip. Anything is possible!
Lend a Hand
Volunteer at CYP 
Have some extra time on your hands? Know someone who wants to make a difference to the community around them? Our Caregiving Youth Project is looking for volunteers!
If you, or a friend, want to make a positive impact in both a child's life and yours, join us! Volunteer opportunities and schedules vary depending on your needs and skills. An hour of your time can mean the world to a caregiver.
For more information, please contact Kate at the Caregiving Youth Project: (561) 391-7401.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.
By: Carl Gustav Jung
Mary Jo Tarrien, RN, Health & Education Specialist
Kate Landry, AmeriCorps Member
Laura Poklemba, Assistant Editor
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